Is Your Customer Data Too Complex To Manage Effectively?

NectarOM allows you to easily manage all data pertaining to your customers – both from within your firewall and outsize. Centralizing big data is just as critical as gathering it. It’s the hub of omnichannel marketing personalization and the best way for you to create a single, functional, and evolving view of customer information. NectarOM’s DMP will give your business the ability to leverage the data you’ve collected on each customer to deliver content in real time.

Customer Identification

How do you know if a customer visiting the store is the same one on your website? Or calling the contact center? NectarOM utilizes multiple methods to identify a customer with 7 stages of confidence. Anonymous visitors can still be targeted based on their individual behavior and when the algorithm achieves the appropriate stage, the visitor’s history is appended to the known profile.

Algorithms & Analytics

Proprietary scoring, targeting algorithms and data analysis. Our NectarScore function will pick out your most loyal, High-Value Customers (HVCs) and directly calculate value to your brand. Easily identify your HVCs and send them messages, content, and offers based on their previous interactions with your business. Similarly, opportunity customers to migrate to become your best customers are also easy to identify and activate.

Internal & External Data Connections

Data connections to many of the most widely used platforms (CRM systems, database providers, email, commerce, contact center, social, and others) are pre-configured within the platform, reducing time to market. NectarOM also ensures updates are rapidly deployed to keep the data flowing as providers change their data access methodologies.

Database & Processing

Easily integrating structured and unstructured data and quicker processing of large data sets. This means that every customer interaction with your brand, from the first click that brings them to your website to the hundredth purchase they make with you, updates in real-time to continuously build upon your knowledge of each buyer’s personal preferences and habits.

Customer Data Management (CDM) isn’t just the process of gathering big data to build a dynamic view of each individual customer. It also entails processing and normalizing data in a way that’s organized and easy to understand. NectarConnect removes the hassle of back-and-forth communication with an IT team, allowing even non-technical marketers to get the big picture of their audience and make decisions based upon a wealth of customer data.

This makes all the difference. Each 360° Customer Profiles in your NectarOM instance is updated in real-time using advanced technologies similar to Google, Facebook, and Amazon. NectarConnect allows you to take a data-backed approach to sending the most relevant, personalized content and communications.

NectarConnect enables you to register and process the effect of day-to-day events on your customers’ needs. We provide quantitative data on their continuously changing life by absorbing new browsing, purchase, and social media data. NectarConnect gives you a visual representation of how daily events can impact on your customers’ needs for both the short term and long term. Customer Data Management updates your 360° Customer Profiles by using platforms that include SAP, Demandware, Magento and Teradata – and it’s tied into APIs from many of the most widely used data providers.

This information will allow your marketing team to recognize prime marketing opportunities based on your customer’s life events. You are now able to identify an event that warrants a need and can communicate during these pre-planned points. These life events could include a birth announcement, new job, engagement, relocating to another state, moving into a new home, or just even when, where, and why a customer interacted with a particular advertisement.

NectarOM has the expertise to integrate disparate sources of data and refresh on a real-time, continuous basis. We host and make the processed data available to your brand for reporting, analytics and modeling purposes. Through our Customer Data Management offering, we’re democratizing the access to a brand’s own data.

Our SaaS suite drives profitable revenue by integrating customer data to deliver personalized customer communications.

Integrate your omnichannel customer data to create a 360° Customer Profile

See it all in one spot, and then connect with your customers

Deliver 1:1 communications at the right time, through the right channel

Achieve hyper-personalized 1:1 marketing across all channels