We Help You Create 360 Degree Profiles Of Your Customers

Have you ever had to purchase a gift for someone you barely know? It’s difficult. You have very little insight into their current needs and, more importantly, their preferences and habits. This personalized insight is the basis of Customer Relationship Management information. it’s more than likely that you end up buying an all-purpose gift is unlikely to offend, but equally as unlikely to appeal to their unique preferences and really “wow” them. Alternatively, you would be able to pick out the perfect gift for your friend if you were to employ the same techniques that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software utilizes to provide a personalized view of an individual.

Maximize your customer relationships

At its core, CRM helps your business maximize its relationships with specific individuals and groups within your audience. NectarOM’s Software Suite enables you to track when, where, and how customers interact with your brand, providing you with the data you need to increase customer loyalty as well as attract new shoppers.

Know your customers as individuals

One of the most valuable capabilities enabled by omnichannel data collection is the ability to know each customer on a personal basis: their individual preferences, habits, patterns, likes, and dislikes. Our powerful CRM software will tailor each customer experience based on their personal data. Instead of expecting customers to flip through, or buy from, pages and pages of an impersonal catalogue, our software will suggest the best products to offer these customers, based on the personal data aggregated in their 360° Customer Profiles.

How it works

The process begins even before your customer makes their first purchase. Our software begins collecting and integrating data across a wide array of your channels. Whether is it click data from the promotional emails you send out (what customers click on and when) or from visitors to your website, our software ties each set of information to a specific profile. These profiles grow as customers make purchases, repeatedly visit your website, or interact with your brand on social media. All of this data is recorded, which expands your customer profiles with useful, actionable info that can be used to make changes to your stores and websites, experiment with new marketing techniques, and send personalized messages that inspire further shopper loyalty.

This customer data will also be processed and eventually used by our powerful recommendation engine, which can deliver the most relevant content in real time to each of your customers based on their 360° Customer Profile. We combine social, transaction, website behavior, email, mobile, CRM and other data in order to create individual, hyper-personalized content.

Eventually, your CRM will isolate your High-Value Customers, who are the loyal customers that you can always count on to respond to your marketing efforts and make consistent purchases from your business. Depending on the type of business you run, a significant portion of your revenue can be directly traced back to a small handful of dedicated HVCs.

How CMOs can benefit

CRMs will provide Chief Marketing Officers and their marketing teams with the instant answers they need to make crucial decisions about the future of their business. Having a robust CRM software allows marketing teams to:

  • Identify High-Value and High-Potential customers while simultaneously cultivating relationships with opportunity customers
  • Set new marketing objectives and track your progress.
  • Track customer behaviors, clicks, transaction, and interactions in real time.
  • Integrate with third-party data sources to track interactions or suggest new recommendations.
  • Make use of predictive analytics capabilities.

We combine social, transaction, website behavior, email, mobile, CRM and other data and puts this together to create a 360° Customer Profile. In turn, this provides you with the data necessary to create individual, hyper-personalized content.

Our SaaS suite drives profitable revenue by integrating customer data to deliver personalized customer communications.

Integrate your omnichannel customer data to create a 360° Customer Profile

See it all in one spot, and then connect with your customers

Deliver 1:1 communications at the right time, through the right channel

Achieve hyper-personalized 1:1 marketing across all channels