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NectarOM has packaged up the most common use cases to enable healthcare companies to launch deep personalization capabilities in under 4 weeks

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Automate Personalized Consumer Engagement

We make it easy for marketers to automate behavior-based personalization across every channel

Automated Messages

Generate and automate messages to drive first-time appointment

Personalized Engagement

Drive consumer to post-diagnosis appointment through personalized engagement

Repeat Appointments

Activate repeat appointment reminders for the consumer that has not scheduled an appointment in the set amount of time

We understand how to engage the consumer

Using our strong experience in data driven marketing, retail, restaurant and hospitality industry with our provide SaaS platform, we help brands grow their consumer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

Sample use case:
Generate first time visit to increase attribution

Incentivize consumers to proactively schedule medical appointment based on behavior, medical history and employee group analysis.

Employees who have not visited a PCP in the last 12 months

Recently signed up

Service/PCP/location recommendation based on affinity

Mobile app, mobile web, email

Sample use case:
Drive to post-diagnosis appointment

Activate email or social message to incentivize consumer to schedule appointment once medical problem has occurred

All Consumers with medical coverage

Consumer activation

Service/location recommendation based on affinity

Email & social

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