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Attract patients to your hospital and physicians

The NectarOM patient engagement platform

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The NectarOM patient engagement platform equips hospitals and health systems to deliver automated, targeted and personalized content to consumers and patients directly, easily and effectively.

Provider of Choice

Attract new patients and increase patient volume with targeted messaging, not generic marketing.

From Volume to Value

Patient engagement is the cornerstone of success in shared savings programs, bundled payments, capitation and any other value-based care models that tie reimbursement to outcomes.

Clinical Support

Support physicians in management of patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis or cancer.

Clinical Improvement

Reduce unnecessary admissions and readmissions and improve care outcomes.

Consumerism the Right Way

Today’s consumers expect convenience, on-demand service and personalized content. Translating what works in retail hasn’t been a smooth transition for health care consumers. Manual, outdated appointment scheduling processes; lack of personalized content; inability to connect personal health and wellness information to the actual care experience all frustrate today’s health care consumer-patients.

Practice Management

Today’s physician practice is overwhelmed with the 21st century’s version of paperwork. EMRs haven’t lived up to their potential, and every day a new app or tool promises to simplify the back office and make it possible for physicians to do what they are trained to do – deliver health care. Yet, physicians remain frustrated, and practices are not optimized.

your partner for true patient engagement.

Simple. Effective. Automated.


NectarOM’s proven platform seamlessly embeds in a hospital’s existing website and EMR to automate content to:


Target potential patients seeking health information to guide them through a funnel of personalized content and support to secure a first-time appointment.


Support and retain existing patients by improving treatment plan adherence and delivering personalized, relevant information to empower them to manage their care and health.

The NectarOM platform can be implemented in under 4 weeks, is HIPAA compliant and engages patients where they are via text, email, phone, web and social platforms.

Today’s patient often starts the health care journey on the internet – searching for health information, checking symptoms and researching providers.


of Americans have used the internet in the past year for a health care-related search


of Americans will choose one provider over another based on strong online presence .


of Americans over age 60 have made a health care-related search online in the past year.

Making sure these searchers find your hospital and your physicians is critical.

NectarOM helps hospitals engage and capture these consumers so they become patients by:

Targeting and delivering relevant content based on online behavior, such as searches.

Providing behavior nudges to encourage appointment scheduling.

Providing specific, actionable information, such as location and available appointment times, to promote appointment scheduling.

Sending appointment reminders to reduce the likelihood of no-shows.

For existing patients, engagement can take multiple forms. The NectarOM platform supports them all to achieve better quality of care, reduce costs, and grow patient and physician satisfaction.





A 67-year old Medicare patient scheduled for a total knee replacement under a bundled payment with a goal of post-acute care occurring at home rather than inpatient rehab or skilled nursing facility.


  • Procedure schedule reminder
  • Encourage healthy eating, exercise (as allowed)
  • Reminder to take prescribed medications as ordered
  • Reminder of “dos and don’ts” before surgery
  • Introduce discharge instructions
  • Ensure potential complicating conditions, i.e. diabetes or high blood pressure, are managed

Immediately post-discharge

  • Instructions for surgical site care
  • Reminder of any already scheduled follow-up appointments
  • Reminder to schedule follow-up appointments
  • Medication reminders

Ongoing IN 90-day post-discharge period

  • Instructions for surgical site care
  • Reminder of any already scheduled follow-up appointments
  • Reminder to schedule follow-up appointments
  • Medication reminders
  • Physical therapy instructions/reminders/encouragement


  • Fewer missed appointments
  • Greater patient treatment plan adherence and compliance
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced likelihood of post-operative complications and unnecessary readmissions
  • Greater patient and physician satisfaction
  • Hospital retains more of the payment
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45-year old patient with controlled Type 2 diabetes:

  • Encourage appointment scheduling with heart clinic or other specialties based on likely co-morbidities.
  • Regular delivery of personalized content for healthy eating and exercise.
  • Medication and appointment reminders


  • Increased treatment plan adherence and compliance
  • Reduced likelihood of unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Greater patient and physician satisfaction
  • Opportunities for increased patient volume in other service lines

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