NectarOM is an Omnichannel Personalization SaaS company. We make it easy for enterprises to build, operate, and scale their omnichannel personalization capability.

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Integrate your omnichannel customer data to create a 360° Customer Profile

See it all in one spot, and then connect with your customers

Deliver 1:1 communications at the right time, through the right channel

Achieve hyper-personalized 1:1 marketing across all channels

What is NectarOM?

The NectarOM platform was built to meet the needs of Enterprises looking to build, operate, and scale their personalization function – end-to-end. Built by a team of marketers, data scientists, and technologists, the NectarOM platform includes all the key capabilities required for success: customer data management, analytics, campaign execution & management. In addition, the platform is flexible to easily integrate with existing systems and processes to ensure a breakthrough ROI.

Through our partnerships with agencies, consultancies, data providers, and execution platforms, NectarOM delivers a turn-key solution encompassing not only the software but also the people, processes, and tools needed for success.

About Us

First and foremost, we love data. We have cracked the code on how to drive profitable revenue using hyper-personalized communications based on customer data (transaction, direct mail, email, website, social, and everything in-between). NectarOM was started with the simple premise that many human behaviors can be predicted. So, using adaptive algorithms, we developed a superior marketing personalization platform that is easy to use, powerful, and affordable.

Our team of marketers, data scientists, and technologists have built & deployed solutions that process billions of records, driving ROI that your CEO & CFO will want to share in quarterly earnings calls.

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We make is easy for marketers to delight their customers across every touchpoint.

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