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Nectarom’s unique saas offering captures meaningful insights and delivers personalized brand experiences across all channels

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Next Generation Architecture


Generate a single view of the customer by consolidating your systems into one place


Compile lists and determine the best recommendations for your customer

Present Recommendation

Display content recommendations

“I can see the emergence of personalization coming to life through technologies as well as the people and the process”

-Michael Cooper, VP of Customer Marketing and Insights at Michaels

Customer Data Management

Centralizes enterprise data into a single place, covering all sales & marketing channels for the entire customer spectrum

Our powerful data management platform (DMP) will allow you to centralize your collected omnichannel data in a single database environment. The DMP automatically organizes and updates your 360° Customer Profiles in real-time with new information about your sales, customer interactions, and buyer preferences across multiple channels. You’ll be able to take data from every touch point to create a deeply informative 360° view of each individual customer. Whether you choose a hosted solution or make use of our private cloud, NectarOM’s DMP provides a comprehensive, secure central storage facility for all of your omnichannel data.

Decision Engine

NectarOM’s “Decision Engine” aggregates your customers’ unique preferences, brand interactions, and habits

This sophisticated customer intelligence will provide a solid foundation of actionable information, giving you the insights needed to make data-backed business decisions and achieve your unique marketing goals.

Our proprietary and adaptive algorithms establish a unique NectarScore for each of your individual customers, based on their level of brand interaction and projected lifetime value. As your marketing goals change, you’ll be able to identify the individual customers who are most likely to respond to your new strategies and campaigns.

Syndication Layer

Reaching today’s customers is a question of relevance, and our software makes it easy for you to create powerful omnichannel campaigns that can be deployed quickly

Whether you prefer to use batch or triggered campaigns, our system allows marketers to automate both the creation of the communication, as well as the population to which it is directed. The content, time and method of delivery, and offers will be optimized according to data-backed information about the best possible practices for your business and specific customer base. This technology will not only deepen the relationships you have with your most loyal, High Value Customers, but will also entice new customers with relevant, engaging offers sent at critical moments in the customer journey.

Performance Attribution


Get robust, actionable reports, with the deep performance metrics you need to drive decisions across each channel.

Segment customer performance data by behavior, demographics, channel, content, etc.

Because NectarOM uses a rapid, test and learn methodology — the performance attribution component of the suite makes it clear where to focus your time.

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