Thank you for your interest in Mobile Hyper-Personalization. In this webinar, we discussed the following:

  • How you can increase customer engagement and revenue in the rapidly expanding mobile market.
  • You have the mobile and other digital information to hyper-personalize customer messages; find out how to use it to bolster your brand and your revenue in the mobile space.

Thank you for your interest in Hyper-Personalization.  In this webinar, we discussed the following:

  • Connect Customer Dots: Combining disparate sources of data to develop a complete picture of your customer
  • Individualize Customer Messages: Develop micro-targeted product, offer and promotional messages for each customer
  • Deliver Messages across Customer Channels: Consistent messaging across site, email, social and mobile

Just a few years ago, many organizations believed in the above statement. Today, most companies are increasing their investments in social media, but returns are nebulous and results are inconsistent. This social media research study overview outlines responses from over 400 leading executives on the perception & effectiveness of social media.

We had responses from executives across several industries, with concentrations in Advertising/Marketing/Communications, Media & Entertainment, Nonprofit and Retail. The vast majority of respondents were social media decision-makers and/or influencers for their companies. Over two-thirds of participants were from organizations with less than $500 million in revenue and another quarter worked at organizations with over $1 billion.

Find out what these leading marketers had to say about social media.