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Comprehensive Marketing Personalization Audit

NectarOM’s Marketing Personalization Audit provides marketers a review of their practices from a Customer Journey Perspective

NectarOM’s proprietary Marketing Personalization Audit reviews all elements of the customer journey with a keen focus on relevancy of the customer experience to help you become a marketing hero.

Covering more than 150 review points, NectarOM’s Marketing Personalization Audit provides brands with valuable insights that include:

  • Identifying gaps andopportunity areas on digital channels (website, email, social, direct mail, mobile)
  • Testing for customer lifecycle and trigger actions to grow engagement, loyalty, and revenue
  • Visiting stores to determine in-store execution & operations (as applicable)
  • Evaluating consistencyof the customer experience across channels
  • Documenting customer lifecycle interactions
    • How are new customers being welcomed? Are appropriate trigger and welcome offers being utilized?
    • How are current customers invited to re-engage?
    • For your most loyal customers, are they treated like they are the most valuable?
    • What win-back campaigns are being executed?
  • Benchmarking your performance vs competitors – you can identify up to 3 competitors and we will provide a compare / contrast in these key areas

For brands who are considering starting down the personalization evolution or further investments in this area, NectarOM can also help build a detailed business case for Marketing Personalization based on your brand’s performance.

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