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Health Care Consumerism Isn’t Patient Engagement

“The health system of the future will be consumer-centric, wellness oriented, care everywhere and digitally connected.” The American Hospital Association’s Center for Health Innovation September 2019 report on digital innovation articulates that vision for participatory health, where the current health care delivery model driven by providers will be replaced with a consumer-driven model.  The foundationContinue reading “Health Care Consumerism Isn’t Patient Engagement”

230 Texas Hospitals Financially Penalized for Excess Readmissions

NectarOM Health Automates Patient Outreach and Engagement to Better Manage Post- Discharge Care and Reduce Readmissions  Oct. 2, 2019 (Dallas, Texas) – 230 Texas hospitals will see their Medicare payments reduced by up to 3 percent for 2020 as a penalty for having an excess number of patients return to the hospital following treatment. DespiteContinue reading “230 Texas Hospitals Financially Penalized for Excess Readmissions”

Is Your Hospital Hiding From the Consumer Revolution?

“There is a vital change happening in healthcare….Providers who are ready to respond by creating a strong patient experience are going to win, and those who aren’t will be left behind.” That’s from the recent GE Healthcare/Prophet study of the patient experience. There’s a few key findings cited in the study that merit repeating and,Continue reading “Is Your Hospital Hiding From the Consumer Revolution?”

Responsibility for Patient Engagement Belongs to Everyone

A recent Becker’s Hospital Review article challenges the practice of putting responsibility for patient experience under the purview and responsibility of a single department or individual. Historically, hospitals have focused on satisfaction with a clinical experience solely as measured by HCAHPS scores. Some task marketing departments with improving experience by focusing on brand image. More recently, bigger hospitals and health systems are assigning chief experience officers the responsibility of improving theContinue reading “Responsibility for Patient Engagement Belongs to Everyone”