We are so proud to be a part of the Dallas startup culture, as it is a great group of entrepreneurs and growing companies. After startups were invited to submit applications for consideration, last week Nectar Online Media was chosen to host a table at the DFW TeXchange Member Showcase 2012, celebrating the local startup community. Nectar team members talked with event participants about Nectar Online Media’s predictive social commerce platform that enables email campaign personalization. In addition, we showed off our social media analytics features! At this event, we were able to preview the innovation going on around us, and we were thoroughly honored to be a part of Dallas’ premier technology networking association. We look forward to taking part in future TeXchange events, in and around Dallas!

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We are pleased to announce that, in partnership with the Social Media Club, Nectar has launched a first of its kind Social Media Study. We are aiming to highlight key best practices, opportunities, and the current state of social media investments for small, medium, and large businesses across a range of social platforms. While all companies utilize social media in different ways, it is often hard to read and understand the return on investment for such endeavors, something we hope to correct with this study.

We are now accepting responses at: https://www.research.net/s/Nectar_Social_Media_Study

Be sure to complete and share with your networks!

For any questions or clarifications, please write to Amrit Kirpalani at socialstudy@nectarom.com and mention the #socialmediastudy on Twitter.

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MBTC Names Amrit Kirpalani as Emerging Company CEO Finalist for Tech Titans 2012

On July 20th, the MBTC announced Amrit Kirpalani a Finalist for the Emerging Company CEO Tech Titans 2012 award. This is a tremendous honor for me personally and for the entire Nectar Team. The announcement can be found HERE.

For a young, emerging company this type of ‘external’ recognition is important on a number of levels — it helps to bolster our credibility and gain some excellent exposure while also affirming our leadership in the predictive social commerce space. For our current (and future) team members, the recognition is a tremendous boost to our Mission and the hard work that goes into making it come alive everyday!

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, advisors, and the MBTC for helping us every step of the way.

While the outcome won’t be known until late August, just being on the ‘Finalist’ list is a tremendous honor!

(Husband, Father, Entrepreneur – Loves Life!
Founder & CEO, Nectar Online Media, Inc.)

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Nectar Online Media launches BuyerHive.com.

BuyerHive helps small businesses increase their bottom-line via group buying & cash savings on everyday business purchases. If you buy office supplies, technology, travel, and a host of other items for your business, BuyerHive can help increase your bottom-line.

BuyerHive is looking for beta users and, in exchange, the beta users will receive free membership after beta!

Here’s How to Get Your FREE Beta Membership:

1. Sign Up for www.buyerhive.com (takes less than 1 minute) — it’s free during beta but there will be a charge once we are out of beta. Our beta members, will receive membership to BuyerHive for free.

2. Make Your Online Purchases Through BuyerHive for Your Business
— we have more than 200 suppliers included and will be expanding to about 500 (currently the list includes Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, Sam’sClub, eFax, Phone.com, getaroom, and a bunch more!)

3. Share BuyerHive with 5-10 of Your Business Friends and Colleagues — BuyerHive is designed for organizations with less than 100 employees. You will have a personal link available after signing up.

4. Provide Feedback on the Site Itself
— If you are a member of zuuzs.com (another Nectar Online site), you will see lots of similarities and a bunch of differences. Would love your feedback, what do you like? Not like? Which suppliers would you like to see added on? How can we better communicate what we do and who we are? Please send any feedback to contact@buyerhive.com

BuyerHive is a property of Nectar Online Media, a predictive social commerce company. Our platform helps predict the shopping occasion before the stated need is acted on by the user — serving highly relevant, timely offers via email, mobile apps, and on our own properties (zuuzs.com, buyerhive.com, zuuzstyle.com).

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