marketing personalizationWho says Big Data can’t be personalized?

Within the realms of marketing campaigns, generalization is not a word you want to embrace. Sending identical, generic mass emails to your entire customer base across the board  isn’t the route you want to take. This only leads to poor customer retention, customer dissatisfaction and your emails ending up in the virtual trash bin…unopened.

When you’ve got data, you need to leverage it in order to communicate relevant and targeted messages. The content within these emails need to be useful, have purpose and address the needs of your customers in real time.

In order to efficiently segment your data, you need to conduct an analysis based on existing data and decide the target groups you want to approach. Applying segmentation to  your data allows you to create email marketing campaigns that are relevant for each group.  Segmenting is also a key process that disperses information, products and offers to designated groups that’s specific to their needs and interests.

Segmentation can be based on many factors according to demographics, behavioral, lifecycle, occasions, social data, past purchase history, spending habits, age, gender, website activity, etc.  By segmenting all of this data, you’re identifying the various levels of your database and sending out cost-effecting email campaigns that are tailored to each group. Without segmenting data efficiently, it’s difficult to produce targeted information. Not to mention, it’s a waste of time when you’re sending out products & offers that are of no use to your customers.

Segmentation is typically based on the amount of data you have on individual customers and making the most of it. This can be obtained through social data, CRM, past purchase history, website activity, demographic, etc. It’s the process of dividing your customers into logical groups and tailoring emails targeting their interests, triggers, lifecycles, website behavior, and purchase history.  Nectar suite automatically segments customers based on lifetime value and engagement.

Nectar’s products allows your brand to hyper-personalize communications with the right offers and products in real time that’ll drive revenue.

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Nectar Online Media launches

BuyerHive helps small businesses increase their bottom-line via group buying & cash savings on everyday business purchases. If you buy office supplies, technology, travel, and a host of other items for your business, BuyerHive can help increase your bottom-line.

BuyerHive is looking for beta users and, in exchange, the beta users will receive free membership after beta!

Here’s How to Get Your FREE Beta Membership:

1. Sign Up for (takes less than 1 minute) — it’s free during beta but there will be a charge once we are out of beta. Our beta members, will receive membership to BuyerHive for free.

2. Make Your Online Purchases Through BuyerHive for Your Business
— we have more than 200 suppliers included and will be expanding to about 500 (currently the list includes Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, Sam’sClub, eFax,, getaroom, and a bunch more!)

3. Share BuyerHive with 5-10 of Your Business Friends and Colleagues — BuyerHive is designed for organizations with less than 100 employees. You will have a personal link available after signing up.

4. Provide Feedback on the Site Itself
— If you are a member of (another Nectar Online site), you will see lots of similarities and a bunch of differences. Would love your feedback, what do you like? Not like? Which suppliers would you like to see added on? How can we better communicate what we do and who we are? Please send any feedback to

BuyerHive is a property of Nectar Online Media, a predictive social commerce company. Our platform helps predict the shopping occasion before the stated need is acted on by the user — serving highly relevant, timely offers via email, mobile apps, and on our own properties (,,

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