The term omnichannel has only been around for a few years, but the concept has undergone massive transformation since its conception in 2010. In the past five years, omnichannel has evolved from an unfamiliar concept, to a trendy buzzword, to a marketing must-have. As omnichannel continues to change alongside new digital trends, one thing stays the same – the customer’s desire for the convenience found in a seamless experience across all platforms.

Earlier this year, we wrote a brief history of omnichannel. Now we’re giving you the same in-depth information in a visual form that’s easy to digest. Check out our infographic of the evolution of omnichannel.


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Last month, we wrote about preparing for Google’s algorithm changes and the importance of optimizing mobile sites. Now that the changes have been in place for a few weeks, we’re taking a look at how Mobilegeddon is challenging some of today’s biggest websites.

Mobilegeddon Losers Infographic
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The biggest losers in Mobilegeddon

Even though Google gave companies plenty of notice, several sites took a hard hit from the algorithm update. Many sites did not optimize for mobile prior to Mobilegeddon.This lowered their Google ranking, or visibility.

Lil Wayne’s ranked as one of the worst sites for mobile users – and for good reason. The mobile site is poorly formatted, displaying an abundance of blank white space and tiny links that are impossible to press. Searchmetrics reports that saw a dramatic 76% decline in visibility.

Some of the biggest websites on the Internet are seeing negative effects from their mobile unfriendliness too. Reddit, known as “the front page of the Internet,” saw a 27% decrease in their visibility. NBCSports and SongLyrics saw similar drops.

But while these webpages may be down, don’t count them out just yet!

Reddit is working to improve its visibility by implementing a mobile site. The site is still undergoing maintenance, as Reddit works to add and fix certain features. But mobile users can use the mobile site, which includes larger links, less text, and a fresh look. Once the mobile version is complete, Reddit can expect their Google ranking to improve.

Is your company feeling the effects from Mobilegeddon? Be sure your mobile site is effectively optimized so your site doesn’t end up at the bottom of Google’s search engine.