marketing personalizationTrigger a Call to Action through Personalization!

As the old saying goes, timing is everything.  Trigger or Event-Based Marketing is the pulse behind a successful campaign because it hones in on actions your customer takes today. The result is highly targeted, hyper-personalized communications that delivers immediate results.

A trigger is the opportunity to talk to someone.  As a marketer, you’re reacting based on this trigger by cultivating an offer or message and presenting it in a timely manner.  Within that process, it’s important to keep frequency, value and presentation in mind.

What defines a trigger and takes it to that pivotal step of reacting? It can range from a welcome or thank you email when a new customer makes a purchase or acknowledging a customer’s absence.  Other common triggers include checkout abandonment, customer loyalty, seasonal, lifecycles, special events, and sales triggers.

Strategizing how you approach these triggers, cultivating an offer, and presenting it is no easy task. You’ve noticed Patty has left several items in her cart. There’s dozens of reasons why this could have happened. How you approach this is crucial. You want to be personal and helpful, however, you don’t want to cross the line of being overwhelming and “creepy.” For example, an e-mail will be pushed out to Patty a week after her cart has been abandoned with something along the lines of “We noticed you left several items in your cart and would like to offer you a 20% off coupon to use towards this purchase.”

As a marketer, recognizing the changing habits of consumers’ online shopping habits is important for staying ahead of the competition. Trigger marketing is a fantastic way to gain additional per customer revenue with little effort using SaaS software such as NectarOM’s suite.


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