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Achieving Conversion with Website Personalization

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Delivering a hyper-personalized email marketing campaign isn’t the only avenue to delivering relevant content and offers to each and every customer. Website personalization gives customers access to a personalized onsite experience.

What’s the difference between a personalized and non-personalized website?

Non-Personalized – The content presented is the same for all customers and lacks personalization. Finding desired products and content relies on search and navigation. The customer must first select an item before it’s presented to them.

Personalized – The content presented is controlled, targeted and based on your big data. When a customer clicks through, targeted products and offers will be displayed based on their browsing history, purchases made, website behavior, lifestyle, etc.

As a marketer you want every customer to experience something personal and relevant. In doing so, you need to act on big data insights to segment and deliver personalized experiences in real time. This, in turn, drives higher conversions and revenue.

How can you turn non-personalized into personalized?

Personalized Greeting – When a customer clicks through, have a personalized greeting such as, “Welcome back, Mrs. Jones.”

Personalized Options – This includes the option to view account information, edit and update profile, add a profile picture and once click features that pulls in targeted information.

Visible Browsing History – Let’s say Mrs. Jones was shopping for workout apparel and had viewed a dozen items. Before making a purchase she was interrupted and had to step away for a few hours. When she returns and clicks through, a visible browsing history would pull in the items she’s previously viewed. This prevents Mrs. Jones from having to re-search the items.

Personalized Content – When a customer clicks through, it’s important to have a hyper-personalized landing page based on preferences, browsing & purchase history, profile etc. Mrs. Jones has browsed and purchased workout apparel and home office solutions.  The landing page, or a portion of the content, should address her needs and preferences.

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