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Increase Sales and Conversion Using Customer Behavioral Data

Increase Sales and Conversion Using Customer Behavioral Data

How to supercharge your omnichannel marketing campaign with personalization by leveraging customer data.

Most data-driven marketers take information gathered from surveys or focus groups with a grain of salt because of the biases and errors inherent in the methodology.

Simply put, there are often discrepancies between what the consumers say and their purchasing behaviors.

A much better way to understand what your customers really want is to gather data on how they behave—namely, how they vote with their wallets.

The use of consumer data and behavioral analytics is now driving the growth of many successful businesses through personalized marketing campaigns.

More than 60% of Netflix’s rentals stem from recommendations while 35% of Amazon’s sales originate from product recommendations based on individual consumer’s past interactions with the website.

Such personalized recommendations are helping brands become more relevant to the individual consumer, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved customer loyalty.

Customer Behavioral Data

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Collecting and Utilizing Customer Behavioral Data

The first step to leveraging customer behavior analytics is, of course, to have the right kind of data.

Start by capturing as much information as possible to avoid blind spots. Collect and collate data from all customer touch points with the help of an omnichannel marketing software to give you a complete picture of your customers’ behaviors.

Stay objective and don’t assume anything about what your customers want or need.

The data you select to use in your analytics should help inform how personalized content, promotions, and product recommendations are delivered to each individual customer.

The aggregation of such information will also allow you to identify trends and anticipate consumer needs, as well as predict the preferences of unregistered prospects by comparing their behaviors with customer information on your database.

Take advantage of your omnichannel marketing software’s ability to respond to your customers’ behaviors in real-time to deliver an outstanding customer experience that increases sales and builds brand loyalty.

Applying Customer Behavioral Data To Marketing Campaigns

Use the data you have gathered to inform how you deliver targeted content and messaging to your prospects and customers.

Here are a few ways to integrate customer behavioral data to personalized marketing campaigns:

Targeted Content

A study by Forrester found that when their marketing messages match consumer behaviors to products, marketers saw a 15% revenue lift and a 667% ROI.

By focusing on individual consumers rather than mass segmentation, you can use personalized content to drive purchases.

Real-Time Interactions

Whether your customers are interacting with your brand online or in-store, responding to their behaviors in real time can lead to a much higher conversion rate.

You can use an omnichannel marketing platform to trigger an email campaign based on a customer’s past and present interactions with your brand across all touch points.

You can also change content on your website dynamically as a response to each visitor’s history, interest, and real-time behaviors to deliver the most relevant information and recommendations.

Trend Recommendations

With the help of sophisticated technologies, you can take product recommendations to the next level.

The insights on shopper behaviors can be used to show unique product combinations that encompass purchasing trends from “people like them” by uncovering correlations that most marketers might miss.

The use of customer behavior analytics is taking personalized marketing campaign to the next level. It’s a trend that marketers can’t afford to ignore.

NectorOm’s omnichannel marketing software is designed to help data-driven marketers glean the right insight so you can always be in the right place at the right time with the right message. Learn more about our suite of solutions.

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