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How to Use Marketing Personalization to Increase Holiday Sales

How to Use Marketing Personalization to Increase Holiday Sales

5 ways to use personalization technologies to increase revenue this holiday season.


The holiday season presents a great opportunity for retailers to drive more sales and boost profits. However, with the increasing competition from both online and offline merchants, it’s becoming more challenging to cut through the clutter and get shoppers’ attention.

Thankfully, you can leverage the power of personalized marketing to capture the attention of your customers and generate more sales. Personalization has been proven to increase sales, ROI, and customer lifetime value:

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Here are 5 ways to use personalization to increase sales this holiday season:


1. Analyze historic data

Metrics from last years’ marketing campaigns is a treasure trove of data that can help you better target promotional messages with personalized information, and deliver them at the right time through the most appropriate channels.

For example, if a customer segment tends to visit your website from a particular channel or at a particular time, you can create targeted messaging to drive more traffic from those sources.


2. Leverage geodata to send localized promotions

Personalize your holiday promotions by leveraging location data (e.g., address information on existing customer profiles or geodata from mobile devices) to target local customers with hyper-personalized offerings and drive traffic to your store.

For instance, you can send personalized emails to existing customers with an exclusive in-store promotion or use location services to promote special offers via a mobile app when a shopper is within a specific distance from your store.


3. Use AI technologies to deliver real-time offers

AI technologies allow you to analyze a large amount of consumer data and apply the insights to deliver real-time promotions based on each shopper’s preferences, behaviors, or purchasing history so you can increase conversion with the most relevant offers.

If a website visitor exhibits browsing patterns that resemble a specific audience segment, you can display product recommendations that are most popular with that group — similar to how a “lookalike” audience works in many targeting strategies.


4. Deliver relevant offers with push notifications

As more consumers are shopping with mobile devices, merchants can leverage push notifications to deliver timely offers via their mobile apps.

By using the vast amount of behavioral data you have collected on customers and website visitors, you can use push notifications to deliver the most appropriate promotions when shoppers exhibit certain browsing patterns that indicate a high purchase intent.


5. Entice existing customers with personalized offers

Offering exclusive promotions to existing customers is a great way to improve loyalty and boost customer lifetime value. You can increase the effectiveness of this strategy by leveraging customer data to create personalized offers that cater to each shopper’s preferences and behaviors.

For example, customers who are low spenders should receive a different offer than high spenders. The incentives you use to entice infrequent customers are likely to be different than those intended for frequent buyers.


The foundation of an effective personalized marketing strategy

To effectively implement a personalization strategy that will increase sales this holiday season, you need to start with a robust customer data management platform so you can effectively utilize consumer data to deliver a personalized shopping experience at scale.

In addition, choose a software that will allow you to automate the distribution of promotional messages via a variety of channels based on individual customer’s real-time interactions with your brand.

Request a demo today to see how you can use our marketing personalization solution to increase sales this holiday season.

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