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Amazon Buys Whole Foods


Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has sparked a wave of change for retailors in the grocery
industry. Further, e-commerce is expected to drive consumer packaged goods into the double-
digit range by 2022. This, in combination with Amazon’s acquisition, means players in the
grocery industry must evolve to meet the demand of growing customer expectations.

Grocery retailers must create a symbiotic relationship between customers’ experience online
and in physical stores.

Consumers no longer consider these as two distinct experiences, but rather two sides of the
same coin. True opportunity lies within the ability to bring online and in-store to work together,
providing a personalized, seamless service.

Grocers who’ve personalized the shopping experience see,


Increase in customer conversion


Decrease in print costs


Growth in attributable customer revenue

Amazon.com approach in a box

For most grocery retailers doing business at a physical location, the idea of adding an online component can be intimidating – That’s where NectarOM comes in. We make it easy for grocers to build, keep up, and scale their omnichannel personalization capabilities. Our software solution gives you Amazon.com-like abilities, without needing to hire a room full of data scientists.

How We Do It?

  1. Collect, integrate, and process customer data to create a single view of customer across your business
  2. Develop cross-functional workflow with retailer’s vendors and marketing, capturing offer details into NectarOM’s database
  3. Distribute highly targeted messages across digital and traditional channels
  4. Deliver a predictable and measurable increase in revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction

Start your omnichannel transformation journey today

Our SaaS suite drives profitable revenue by integrating customer data to deliver personalized customer communications.

Integrate your omnichannel customer data to create a 360° Customer Profile

See it all in one spot, and then connect with your customers

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Achieve hyper-personalized 1:1 marketing across all channels