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Partner Marketing Network

Acquire Customers & Grow Revenue

The NectarOM Partner Marketing Network is a personalization network that connects entertainment, restaurant, and retail brands. The Network enables brands to quickly find and target lookalike customers through the use of cross-brand data exchange & partner campaigns.

Our self-serve platform makes it easy for your team to access industry-wide customer data, and activate turn-key campaigns on participating brands marketing channels.

Why Join?

Acquire Customers; Grow Revenue

Cross-brand network drives new customer identification

Customer Intelligence

Arm your brand with a comprehensive view of customer attributes. Share promotions across the industry

Turn-Key Campaigns

Activate personalized partner-driven offers throughout the customer lifecycle to convert new customers, upsell current customers, & incentivize loyalty

Easy to Join


Add tracking pixel to website and install website widget


Find similar people to your customers through lookalike targeting


Show personalized offers in real-time to your lookalike audience

Get started in 30 Days