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Data Is Driving Delivery: How Food Delivery Services Are Using Analytics

Data Is Driving Delivery: How Food Delivery Services Are Using Analytics

Improve menu, cut delivery time, predict demand, and get more loyal customers with data.

In the age of UberEats, Muchery, Amazon Restaurants, Favor, and other food delivery services — how can you stay top of mind and competitive?

The key to unlocking the success for the next generation of food delivery service is data.

A world of opportunities and possibilities opens up when you gather, analyze, and implement customer data:

Improve Menu

Leverage data on customer orders, reviews, social media posts, etc. to gather feedback on menu items so you can refine ingredients and flavors to suit your customers’ tastes.

Generate more sales by offering promotions on popular items while eliminating those that aren’t ordered often to boost sales and increase operational efficiency.

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Reduce Delivery Time

You’ll lose customers if you make them wait too long for their orders, which arrive cold and soggy because they’ve been in transit for too long.

Use data such as food preparation time, delivery location, GPS, and real-time traffic updates to help dispatch drivers, find the most efficient route, and reduce average wait time.

In addition, leverage big data and predictive analytics to estimate how many drivers you’ll need on a particular day to make sure you have the right amount of manpower to handle the deliveries.

Customize Recommendations

Offer personalized recommendations based on a customer’s habits and preferences using data from his or her profile.

You can also compare a customer’s habit and preferences with data from other users to suggest menu items that they may also like.

Make it easy for customers to reorder their favorite dishes and offer ideas that are timely and seasonal.

Predict Demand

Analyze browsing history and customer orders to predict demand, such as volume and popular menu items at specific day and time.

Use predictive analytics to estimate how many customers will order a particular dish, when and from where.

You’ll be able to better forecast customer demand, manage inventory levels, and cut delivery time to increase customer satisfaction.

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Nurture Customer Relationships

There is a softer side to data analytics as well.

Understand customers’ sentiments and tendencies by combining unstructured big data with transactional and sales data to gain qualitative insights.

Tap into the values and emotions of your target market to build brand image and customer affinity, nurturing relationships that will lead to more repeating customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Create a single customer view and manage all your customer relationships across multiple touch points from one centralized platform.

Customers can set up one single profile and manage their accounts or place their orders from a variety of channels.

Design a loyalty program that spans all touch points (e.g., mobile app, website, phone, in-store) so customers can get rewarded regardless of how they choose to place their orders.

Capitalize Your Data, Today

Leverage customer data can help you optimize your service, boost sales, increase efficiency, lower cost, and gain a competitive edge.

And it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds if you have the right tools and technologies.

To get the most out of customer data for your food delivery service business, you need a centralized all-in-one platform that offers customer relationship management, customer data management, and omnichannel personalization so you can improve customer satisfaction and increase ROI.

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