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This Week in Omnichannel (11-2-2015)

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This Week in Omnichannel (11-2-2015)

The Omnichannel News Roundup: Week of November 2, 2015

Here are some of the articles we’ve been reading this week:

data analytics is a powerful tool but a disabling crutch

This week’s featured article: How understanding the limitations of Big Data analytics will actually help you make more informed decisions and become bolder innovators.

Target’s Halloween marketing campaign this year included a virtual haunted house and a Trick-or-Treating app.

Though personalization software can automatically give marketers a more complete picture of their customers, CMOs still play a crucial role in balancing the technology’s scale with its relevance. This article explores some of the questions businesses may encounter in their personalization journey – such as how to treat “dark” social data – and gives insight from a unique perspective.

PepsiCo exec Brad Jakeman went off on advertisers, criticizing them for unoriginality, outdated ways of thinking based on the dying TV model, and for an overabundance of “white straight males.”

We also enjoyed these pieces:

8 Personalization Trends that are Reinventing the Buyers Journey.

MIT’s latest big data system could one day replace human beings

Facebook will notify you if it thinks your account is being hacked by the NSA

The Internet’s Dark Ages

Brand, James Brand: The shifting home media market and the necessity of product placement for big-budget blockbusters.

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